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Your Tools and Molders are Specialized. Our Controllers are Customized.

Every part you create has a certain trait that makes it unique to your business. Your tooling and molds are so specialized at producing the products you’ve developed that you need a dependable and technologically advanced hot runner controller that reflects your high quality standards—without fail.

Fast Heat’s Ion and Pulse Series controllers take the guesswork out of your process by maintaining the precise temperatures you require for your applications—because we customize them to work with your tool.

Our low-cavitation Ion and high-cavitation Pulse alleviate the burning, stringing, short shot and other persistent problems caused by inconsistent temperature control.

With Fast Heat hot runner temperature controllers, you can:

  • Easily work with hard-to-run materials, including Nylon 6-6, Santoprene and Xymox
  • Output quality hard-to-run parts that have thin walls, small sizes, co-injected or overmolded
  • Eliminate most stringing and burning situations attributed to temperature control
  • Save and secure your unique recipes
  • Avoid downtime
  • And more!

You’re highly invested in your plant and equipment. Make sure your parts reflect that high-stakes investment by ensuring quality with Fast Heat hot runner controllers. Call 630.359.6300 today!

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