Why Fast Heat?

Innovative Hot Runner Control Systems and High-Touch Customer Service are at the Core of Our Business.

Since 1957, Fast Heat has been in the business of providing manufacturing companies with temperature control solutions that allow them to improve plant performance and heighten quality part production. In 2009, Fast Heat was streamlined to allow for greater technological innovation in the controller segment.The result is a truly unique combination of high-touch service with innovative hot runner control systems—customized to your exacting specifications.

At Fast Heat, we know how important innovations is. We know how important dependability is. And we know how important precision temperature control is. And that’s why these values are at the core of our business.

At Fast Heat, we make it a point to:

  • Understand your business needs and goals—and help you reach them
  • Innovate our technologies—and make them work hard for you.
  • Reduce your production downtime—and increase your part quality.
  • Boost your overall productivity—and give you process control.
  • Respond to your queries—quickly and efficiently.
  • Save you money!

Fast Heat’s headquarters are centrally located in Elmhurst, Illinois, a near-West suburb of Chicago, with offices in the United Kingdom, France and Singapore to support manufacturers worldwide.

Find out how Fast Heat can help you manage your temperature with our custom hot runner temperature controllers—and find cost savings!
Call 630-359-6300 / 877-747-8575 or email info@fastheat.com today!