Custom Cable Information

At Fast Heat, we custom build each thermocouple cable and heater cable to your exact requirements. Once you place your order, our in-house cable experts carefully craft your cables and connectors so that they provide you with a solid and reliable interconnection between your injection molding machine and your hot runner temperature controller. We also offer specialized customization options such as color coding services, guide pin additions and alternative wiring schematics.


Many of our customers color-code their cables. Instead of dealing with the mess of spray painting your cables on your manufacturing floor, have us do it professionally for you! In the drop-down menu on our ordering page we've listed our customers' most commonly requested colors. If you don't happen see the color you need, please contact us with your specific color requirement at 630.589.8463.


Our high-quality steel guide pins insure that your connections stay straight and strong. They help keep your cables secure in their connectivity so your part production is always best-in-class and on schedule.

Wiring Diagrams

Fast Heat can wire your cables and connectors to your exact specifications. We have a standard wiring diagram for both heater cables and thermocouple cables. We also offer an additional wiring profile, "The Fast Heat Way" for 12-zone/25-pin connectors. You can follow the links below to view our wiring methodologies. Need your cables wired differently? No problem! Just give us a call at 630.589.8463 to let us know or email your specific diagram to us at

Fast Heat - Heater Wiring Diagram (Click to view PDF)

Fast Heat - Thermocouple Wiring Diagram (Click to view PDF)