New Year, New Opportunity: Your Q1 Indicator Is Here!

Winter 2014

It’s hard to believe this long snowy winter is slowly coming to an end. With a strong Q4 behind us and an optimistic view of the new year, this winter season has served as an opportune time for evaluation, planning and investment.

So far during this Q1, we’ve been excited for our customers as they’ve been able to grow, adding new programs and more employees to fill shifts. Many of our customers are also undertaking “best practices” plant strategies to improve production and overall part quality. And all this made possible as the momentum for products “Made In The USA” continues to accelerate.

Since 1957, Fast Heat has produced hot runner temperature controllers right here in the Midwest. Our location has made it easy to provide a high level of customer service. One of our latest innovations, the Custom Cable & Connector Builder, has made
it so easy for our customers to purchase their custom cables online…and then save the information conveniently for future purchases. Our custom cable builder is unique to the industry, and our customers are telling us they like this new tool because it’s so easy to use!

That’s why we’ve extended our FREE Spare Pair of Cables with any Pulse or Ion Hot Runner Temperature Controller program through 3/31/14. New cables are always in need around the plant, so be sure you take advantage of this premium offer.


Indicators of Success
The Smallest Things Can Cause A Huge Impact
Customer Challenge: Falling Short

Bad fuse
Bad or open fuses can cause bad parts, equipment to fail
or worse—a critical line-down situation
Good fuse
When conducting preventative maintenance, check
for good fuses and check ohms for consistency across your heaters and manifolds to uncover any possible degradation.

Fuses are your friend on the manufacturing floor. If your fuses experience an overcurrent, they will open or blow, and depending on your hot runner temperature controller, can trip an alarm. Left unattended or ignored, the rest of your system can keep running, leaving your machinery—and part production—at risk. Take a minute to consider what your fuses are telling you:

What if I blow a fuse?
- Your heater will start cooling down

* That means if you’re running plastic, your tip will eventually
freeze off, requiring attention and maintenance.

- Your manifold side will still operate, but cool down

* That means the risk of inferior parts due to short shot
   substantially increases.

What causes a fuse to blow?

- Overcurrent

* The maximum current allowed on your circuit has been breached.

- Moisture

* Environmental conditions may lead to moisture contaminating your molds. Water + electricity = short.

- Check to make sure your ohms are consistent on drops. If the ohms are going down, it could mean your heater is starting to short out. If your ohms are going up, it could mean your heater is degrading.

- Make sure your molds and materials are perfectly dry. If using a Fast Heat hot runner temperature controller, use the “Bake Out” feature before your production run begins.


Keep an eye on your fuses during regular maintenance checks and diagnostics. Keep a log of any zones that fail. If you’re blowing fuses on a regular basis on the same machinery, it will be necessary to investigate these problems further.

Fast Heat’s Customer Support Manager, Manny Diaz, has more than 20 years
of experience troubleshooting our customers’ greatest challenges and pain points. He can help with yours, too. Call 630.359.6300 or email
Manny today!

Manufacturing Indicators

Weather and the Economy
So far, Q1 looks as cool as the weather we’ve been experiencing around the country.Consumers have been hibernating, so demand for automobiles,
white goods and other bigger ticket items—including home sales—have waned following the busy holiday season.
The good news is that spring is on its way, and indicators are showing that with warmer weather come warmer spending habits.
In the meantime, our customers continue to find ways to be more productive through best practice programs such as SMED while gearing up for a busy Q2.What trends are your company experiencing? Share them with us and we’ll share them with our readers.

Budget Indicator


You asked for it–you got it! Purchase any Pulse or Ion Hot Runner Temperature Controller and receive a FREE SPARE PAIR OF CABLES! That’s a savings of up to $700! Offer expires 3/31/14. Find Out More About Our Cable Selections Here

Fast Heat’s Expanded
Hot Runner Temperature Controller Demo Program Makes
It Easy to ‘Try Before You Buy’
If you’re in the market for a new hot runner temperature controller, Fast Heat makes
it easier than ever to “try before you buy.”New customers have expressed their appreciation in their ability to test out a new hot runner temperature controller before they
make their final purchasing decision, so Fast Heat has
a new program in place to make “doing a demo” easier than ever.Want to find out more?
Give Jeff Ashton, Inside Sales Manager, a call today at 630-359-6202.

In Case You
Missed It:
Fast Heat Featured in June Issue
of MoldMaking Technology!
Help Customers Gain Control of Mold and
Part Quality
Take a closer look at
a very important, and often overlooked, piece of auxiliary equipment that affects mold and part quality-the hot runner temperature controller.

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The Four “Cs”: Controllers, Cables, Connectors and Consistency


It’s always exciting to look around our industry and see all the accomplishments our customer partners are making. From improving processes, to training a new generation of plastics manufacturers, to developing new and important parts that make life around us work better, it’s great seeing how the state of the plastics industry continues to grow strong.

We really appreciate what our customers are doing because together we are helping them solve some of their toughest molding challenges with our “Four Cs”, controllers, cables, connectors and consistency.


We recently had a call with one customer who had used our Pulse high cavitation controller in his former plant and wanted to introduce it to his team at a new plant. He said he liked many of the features on the Pulse, but his “favorite” one was that it was consistent. It never let him or his team down. It kept his temperatures steady and was always reliable. It was one thing he didn’t have to worry about during a typical day full of challenges.That’s a pretty cool thing to hear.We have other customers who are now purchasing cables and connectors online from our new web-enabled Custom Cable & Connector Builder store. We know that cables and connectors are sometimes the weakest link in the manufacturing process, so we’ve made it easy for our customers to build, purchase and store their cable orders online. Our custom cables are made to order and right here in our Chicago-area plant.We take pride in every order we build and fulfill because we know our customers count on us to be the best. You could say then, that “customers” are our “Fifth C”—who we always put first in our line-up.

Fast Heat wants our customers to continue to be successful in the industry. That’s why we’re always here to help! Check out our website or give us a call at 630.359.6300. We’ve extended our FREE SPARE PAIR OF CABLES offer with any hot runner temperature controller purchased through 3/31/14, so be sure to take advantage of this great offer.

Tim Stojka

Fast Heat, Inc.

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