Spring Into Action: Your Q2 Indicator Is Here!

Spring 2013

Spring is finally here! That usually means consumers are out-in-force stocking-up on products and packaging made from plastic. But our economy has been anything but predictable. While the leading indicators do show continuing market growth, manufacturers are more cautious than ever regarding new hires and investments. At Fast Heat, our goal is to help our customers ramp-up their productivity, become more efficient by saving energy and reducing scrap–so they can reinvest those savings for business growth.


Indicators of Success

Process Improvement

Customer Challenge: Segregating Parts

The customer was intermittently experiencing inferior part production from a failing mold. With fulfillment deadlines looming, the customer could not afford to take the line down for mold maintenance.

High quality parts could be attained through constant mold adjustment. However, the customer could not dedicate one employee to continually watch the mold for intermittent errors–and the resulting bad parts–at the injection molding machine.

Solution: Manny was able to help the customer by outfitting a Pulse High Cavitation Hot Runner Temperature Controller with an Input/Output (I/O) package. The I/O was programmed to reverse the conveyor belt when the controller alarmed, redirecting any inferior parts into the sorting bins. This solved the need of assigning one employee to constantly tend the machine and kept inferior parts separated from the company’s high quality part production.

Tip: When outfitted with an I/O package, the hot runner temperature controller can be the main point of two-way communication between the IMM and all its other processing auxiliary equipment.

Program the four inputs to tell the hot runner temperature controller how to raise or lower temperatures in the heaters according to material processing conditions. This can prevent cold slugs from snapping screws and short shot resulting from restricted plastic flow to the mold.

Program the four outputs to control auxiliary actions based on specific alarm sequences. This can help reduce sorting challenges and keep employees performing meaningful duties.

Fast Heat’s Customer Support Manager, Manny Diaz, has more than 20 years of experience troubleshooting our customers’ greatest challenges and pain points. He can help with yours, too. Call or email Manny today!


Manufacturing Indicators

Focus on Medical

It’s always been assumed that the medical sector is “recession proof.” However, manufacturers in this group have been experiencing something a bit different during this economy.

With uncertainty surrounding the implementation of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), medical part manufacturers have found themselves in a holding pattern as far as adding new programs to their 2013 production line-up. And those manufacturers in the medical device sector are pulling back production and investment because of unknown impacts with new 2013 taxes implemented by the law on their products and not knowing if their products will be reimbursable.

Physicians and hospitals still need supplies, but overall demand is down. And that means that manufacturers have to find new ways to become more productive with the workforce they have while preparing for the unknown–and having to wait until 2020 for the entire PPACA law to be implemented.

What are some ways you are managing your medical parts production amid uncertainty? Share them with us and we’ll share them with our readers.


Productivity Is Still #1

Heading into the second quarter of the year, our customers are telling us that 2013 has so far been challenging. While certain economic indicators are starting to lift from their doldrums (housing, automotive), there hasn’t yet been the overall and overwhelming surge from pent-up demand the economy really needs to get steaming again.

Customers are indicating that they are expecting the second half of the year to be much better than the first and are ramping-up their expectations and programming accordingly. Employment challenges, on-shoring operations, fuel costs, materials costs, capital equipment costs and other pressures on margins are making productivity more crucial to their overall bottom-line.

By carefully listening to our customers and customizing their ION or PULSE hot runner temperature according to their productivity needs, we are helping them successfully navigate the ups and downs of today’s economy.

At Fast Heat, we know we can help you become more productive than ever. Check out our website or give us a call at 630.359.6300. And be sure to take advantage of our FREE I/O Package offer on any hot runner temperature controller through 6/30/13.

Sean Rainsford
General Manager
Fast Heat, Inc.
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