Moldmaking Technology Features Fast Heat Hot Runner Temperature Controllers!

Help Customers Gain Control of Mold and Part Quality

Take a closer look at a very important, and often overlooked, piece of auxiliary equipment that affects mold and part quality—the hot runner temperature controller.

Tooling manufacturers build their molds to last—and stay in service. That’s why they recoil at the thought of their injection molding customers asking, “Why is my mold not working properly?” After some troubleshooting, often the answer is not found in the tool, but in an exceptionally important, and often overlooked, piece of auxiliary equipment—the hot runner temperature controller.

Many injection molders still use the standard-issue modular controllers with 1970s technology. That equipment deficit is becoming a weak link in the manufacturing process. Molders are asking their moldmaking partners to build new tools that take advantage of breakthroughs in processes, product materials and complex part designs. But those molders are not considering that these new processes require that the temperature tolerances in their heaters be more precise than ever.

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