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No Time for Downtime? We’re On Standby.

Our customers’ production schedules depend on everything running smoothly on the plant floor. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Pins push back, cables fray and electricity meets a bad connection. Next thing you know, your tool has stopped running. Time, materials and money are lost.

At Fast Heat, we stand by our customers with four guiding principles:

Reliability: If you need parts, call us. If you need to schedule service, call us. If you have questions or need help troubleshooting a specific issue, call us! We are only a phone call away at 630.359.6300.

Precision: Our creative engineering leads to innovative solutions for your company's challenges. That means we can partner with you to design and deploy new technology that helps you tackle your greatest manufacturing issues.

Efficiency: We find problems quickly to help you get up and running faster. We are able to do this because we listen first, ask questions and find answers through thorough diagnostics and technical understanding.

Flexibility: We take pride in making ourselves available to our customers. That means we always find time to talk you through an issue, find the part you need or travel to your facility to work side-by-side with you. We are centrally located to reach anywhere in the United States and overseas, quickly and effectively. We can ship parts next day!

If you need it, we have it—or can find it or create it.

Our customers experience the Fast Heat difference every time they call us for a hard-to-find part, to refurbish their cables, to upgrade their connectors or for preventative maintenance.

We also partner with our customers to engineer new technologies that make them more productive—with higher quality parts.

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