Ion™ Software Tutorial

System Screen

Keep your start-up process consistent—day after day. The Ion Series controller allows you set your system so that you begin each cycle at your heater’s the optimum state.

In the System Setup, you can utilize the best of the Ion’s technology, especially:

  • Fast Tune: “Off” is the recommended factory setting. This is turned “On” for “non” hot runner applications. Consult Fast Heat Engineering Department before using this feature.
  • Bake-Out: Take the environmental moisture off your heaters. The Bake-Out feature keeps your process heaters dry, functional and safe. Prevents tripping the ground fault interrupter, blown fuses, “smoking” heaters or high-potential (hipot) testing failure.
  • Evensoak: Bring your tool up to temperature—at your required pace. Manifolds first, then drops or cavities. Evensoak allows automatic, even temperature rise between all heating elements, minimizing the overall operating power demand of the tool.

Make any changes to your system on this screen. Information here is easily organized with the parameter description to the left and with its value to the right.

Key Legend for Pulse control panel
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