Pulse™ Software Tutorial

Alarm Screen

The Pulse keeps careful watch over your production cycle. The Pulse constantly monitors the performance of your tool and ongoing production based on your defined settings. If something happens during any phase of your cycle, the Pulse will alarm, immediately alerting you to a performance issue or other potential problems, including:

  • Open Thermocouple
  • Reversed Thermocouple
  • Shorted Thermocouple
  • Open Heater
  • Triac Short
  • Over Temperature
  • Under Temperature
  • Over Abort Band Setting
  • Under Abort Band Setting
  • Over Amperage
  • Under Amperage
  • Over Power
  • Under Power

The Alarm screen will then help you identify and troubleshoot the issue, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Key Legend for Pulse control panel
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